4 Benefits of VPS Hosting for Social Networking Platforms

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Social networking platforms have managed to take centre stage online in recent years. With millions of users, these platforms have become the largest drivers of site traffic. Social sites need to analyze and use a lot of data and have specific hosting requirements. They need a hosting service that offers fast-loading websites, advanced security, and efficient traffic management. With the wide range of hosting services available, choosing one can be difficult. Today, we are talking about VPS Hosting services and how they can benefit social networking sites.

VPS Hosting is a service where your website is hosted on a virtual server with dedicated resources and an isolated environment. Server virtualization allows the host to create multiple virtual servers from a single physical server. It offers a plethora of benefits of which the following are applicable to social networking sites.

1. High-Traffic Management

High volumes of traffic are synonymous with social networking sites. With VPS Hosting, features like the scalability of resources ensure that traffic spikes are easily managed. Apart from receiving high volumes, social networking sites also receive unpredictable traffic. Despite the trend analysis and behaviour prediction algorithms, it is difficult to have adequate resources to manage traffic spikes at all times. Hence, buying a hosting service that allows you to scale up the resources when needed is perfect for such sites.

2. Blazing-fast Websites

The average online user today has no time and a low tolerance for slow-loading websites. As an unspoken rule, most users relate a slow-loading site with a lack of customer-focus and tend to stay away from them. In fact, Google also considers site speed as an important parameter while determining the page rank of the site in the search engine results pages. Hence, you need a hosting service that offers fast loading times regardless of your traffic volumes. VPS Servers have dedicated resources and account isolation that ensures that your site loads fast. Also, its resource scalability feature ensures that your site’s performance does not suffer during traffic spikes.

3. Efficient Storage Architecture

A hallmark of any social networking site is the constant sharing of images, videos, etc. Therefore, such a site needs a hosting service with an efficient storage solution. Most VPS providers offer SAN storage as a part of the hosting package, which ensures zero wastage of disk space, instant recovery from disaster, and quick backups. This creates an efficient storage architecture that is ideal for your social networking site.

4. Backup and Recovery

Since a social networking site manages a lot of data, it needs an efficient backup and recovery process that ensures that the entire site data has multiple backups and can be recovered in no time. As explained above, SAN storage used by some of the top VPS Hosting providers ensures that it duplicates your data instantly without affecting the performance of your website – something synonymous with running backups for high volumes of data. While you must backup your site on a local drive yourself, SAN offers quick and efficient data backup and recovery as a part of the package.

Summing Up

Hence, it is evident that VPS Hosting with features like the scalability of resources, advanced security, high speeds, and efficient storage solutions, is a good option for social networking sites. Having said that, all sites have different hosting requirements, and you should assess your site before making the decision. Take all factors into consideration and choose well. Good Luck!

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