How To Preview Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

How to view Instagram story previews . Want to preview a story your friend posted? Instagram without knowing it? Not sure about a story you need to post on Instagram and would like to preview it to a friend before continuing? Do not worry: thanks to the tricks that you will find in this tutorial, you will easily realize your intention, whatever it is. In the guide you are about to read, I will teach how to see Instagram story previews with some tips I will show you how to make sure you preview a story only using Instagram, without third-party tools. In addition, if you do not want to risk making mistakes and want to play it safe, I will recommend a few workarounds, such as browser extensions.

A first solution that allows you to see a preview of a story on Instagram Posted by another user is that of not completely swiping the story feed. In some cases, this method does not notify the user that the story has been viewed, but it is not a foolproof method, in fact, it is likely that the display of the content will be notified in any case. Typically, when looking at stories posted by a user on Instagram, the one that appears is the first of the unseen stories.

That said, if you want to preview and make sure your view is not counted, check out the story thumbnails located in the top bar on the main Instagram screen. Once playback begins, keep your finger on the right side of the screen and perform a small, light swipe from right to left, simulating the next jump in the Instagram tracker. As you see the story passage animation, stop dragging at 30% or 40% of the transition without releasing your finger, so you can see its content and therefore its preview. By doing so, the story you only viewed will be considered viewed (on your account) and the content owner will likely not be notified of the visit. If you repeat the above procedure now, you will be able to preview the next story from the same user, in case they have posted more than one.

Preview Stories without Displaying Them

You can use a Google Chrome extension to see previews of user stories you follow, without letting, them know you have seen them: IG Stories for Instagram / IG Stories for Instagram can be downloaded free from the Chrome Web Store. After going to the IG Stories download page for Instagram, click on the add buttons > Add extension to install the plugin. Then log in to your Instagram account, click on the IG Stories I Cone at the top right, and in the open box, click on the Go to IG Stories button. At this point, click on the eye located in the username of the person whose story content you want to see without you seeing it and press the buttons Download o Download all to complete the operation.

Capture a glimpse of your story

If, on the other hand, your intention is to capture a preview of the story, perhaps to show you in preview other person to share it with the other applications and platforms, the procedure to follow is very simple. First, touch the photo, which you will find at the top left, on the main Instagram screen. Once done, you will enter the editor to create a story. Once you have created a story, do not press any buttons below (as that will publish it immediately). Instead, tap the icon with an arrow pointing down, which is at the top right. This will download a copy of the history to the device’s local storage. At this point, head to the photo gallery to find the preview of the story you just created, allowing you to share it through other apps and services.

If you entered GIFs, hashtags, mentions, and any other interactive elements, these will not be selectable because a static media element will be downloaded. Therefore, when importing the image back into the Instagram story, the previously added items will remain static. In this sense, I do not recommend that you close the Instagram application when you switch to the media gallery of the device, or exit the story editor mode, so as not to have to recreate it.

First, if you want to see the story preview that can interact with additional media, like stickers, GIFs, or hashtags, create a list Closest Friends, adding your second account or a friend’s, and enable the story archive. Regarding this last feature, when creating the story, touch the icon with a gear , at the top left and, in the new screen that has opened, make sure that the function is activated Dock for Archiver. Now, to create a Best friends list, touch the corresponding icon at the bottom, in the story you are creating, and press the Add to list item. On the screen that appears, select the Instagram users you want to add to this list, using the button and then touch the final item , at the top right.

Finally, tap the Best Friends icon to confirm your post. By doing so, you will only have published the story to the Instagram users you specified. Additionally, all interactive elements will be selectable and the story will be saved in the Instagram archive. That way, if your friend (or yourself with your second account) thinks the story is well done and all the interactive elements work and are in the right place, you can post it with all the followers by saving it from the archive. To share the story of your close friends list with all followers, on the main Instagram screen, tap the icon with a clock, which you will find in the top bar and select the previously created story.

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