Impacts of Technology on Law: Solutions Contributing to the Legal Sector

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Technological tools are a key element for legal service providers in managing their business activities, such as document processing, billing, and accounting. Do you already know the impact of technology on law?

The digitization and processing of legal databases arise from the need to improve and innovate legal services. This obviously brings advantages for all operators who make use of these available solutions. One place where you can benefit from these technologies is during the filing process.

For example, if you are injured while on the job and want to file a compensation claim, you or your lawyer can do it online or using different digital solutions. This helps to reduce all the paperwork involved during the process. There are different technologies that have impacted the legal sector positively. They include:

Cloud Computing

Virtual solutions stand out considerably when it comes to programs to access files without having to store them on the computer. How?

This process is carried out online thanks to cloud computing, a technology applied in legal services that allows its officials to manage all cases from anywhere in the world using a device with an Internet connection.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence entails the ability of a computer to develop intelligent behaviors with techniques learned and codified by programmers.

In simpler words, a computer can learn to communicate with users through human language and analyze contexts, cases, and documentation.

Additionally, this machine can be coded to:

  • Create predictions of possible final verdicts or decisions of a judge.
  • Analyze court decisions and patterns that can help in future cases.
  • Study the opposing arguments to generate better legal strategies, both in defence and prosecution.

Big data

Big data are the methodologies and technologies to process large amounts of data that conventional systems cannot process due to the volume of information and the heterogeneity of each document, whether in formats, sources of origin, or classification.

Applied to the legal sector, this technology allows processing, ordering, and classifying millions of legal documents in record time, which leads to more accurate decision-making and the generation of strategies based on objective and quantitative data.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures are also essential in determining the validity of online documents. This is particularly essential in law, where the legality of different items is required. This legal system compulsorily includes the generation of proofs of authenticity by the signatories in order to guarantee the integrity and veracity of the documents. Electronic signatures are, therefore, quite essential in the legal field.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation includes as primary functions configuring a computer robot that automatically executes and classifies a series of activities associated with legal advice. There are programs through which robots can be created capable of synchronizing with files legal, generation and analysis of reports, legal documents, contract management, and authenticity filters.

Robotic automation increases productivity without the need to hire additional staff for certain administrative processes.

For example, many law firms implement standard contract drafting software. In most cases, the execution of the same consists of defined and relatively simple steps, which can be executed quickly —and with greater efficiency— by this type of software automation. In the same way, it can be very useful for internal case databases in which robots act as consultants by finding past cases with similarities or in external sources such as libraries.

Thus, this solution facilitates the tasks of legal assistants and adds value by eliminating manual steps and allowing greater precision. You should implement these technologies in your legal practice to ensure you get the most benefits out of them.

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