In the social media era, Instagram is one of the popular platforms to share personal sentiments; here, I have discussed valuable features of Pixwox to download Insta pics, videos, and stories. People love to watch and share their personal stories through their Insta profiles and pages, so they can easily manage by using valuable tools. 

A common way to download, I always find it difficult to save the desired pics and videos while using Instagram. After checking the basic features of Pixwox, I crafted the article for the best of users’ experience to utilize the module. Moreover, some similar alternatives are elaborated below to make your Insta experience exceptional.

What is Pixwox?

Pixwox is described as a software application that facilitates automatic downloads of Instagram images, stories, videos, and reels. The application provides the ability to save data from Instagram, and users can repost them on their own Instagram timeline or feed without the need to log into their Instagram account. 

This can be a convenient feature for individuals who want to curate and share content from other Instagram users without the usual login requirements. Additionally, Pixwox allows users to explore Instagram hashtags and account data by looking up the profiles of their friends or favorite musicians

With its easy-to-navigate webpages, users can effortlessly find and download Insta pics, videos, and similars stuff. Pixwox operates on robust servers, ensuring swift retrievals, while its integrated proxy webpage capabilities guarantee anonymous and unblocked access to content from any region.

Platform NamePixwox
StatusSoftware application
FunctionsPics & Videos Downloading
InterfaceSimple & Attractive
Usability ModeSafe & Legal

Pixwox Official Website

Pixwox is end-to-end encrypted for individual usage, making it reliable. The web domain is integrated with authorized hosting. There are mirror sites available on this platform that perform a similar action. Below is the official site link available, allowing you to get the particular way to work effectively.

What is Pixwox Used for?

Pixwox is based on the editorial functions of the software programming that helps to edit and manage Instagram posts. This is an important tool for social media management that can perform multiple tasks to edit the stories and frames along with hashtags. Furthermore, users can resize pictures and adjust the color brightness. 

You can organize the images in the proper album formats, and further images can be added to the existing album. Moreover, you can edit the infographics by making changes to videos along with the slideshows and trims. After editing, you can share the images with your friends and loved ones. 

Is Pixwox Anonymous?

Pixwox is an emerging platform that is helpful to some extent for Instagram users, where they cannot only make personal changes but also save them. A huge number of people use Insta sources to upload stories daily. The easy functionality enables users to make valuable changes without showing the users’ identity. 

Is Pixwox Safe?

Regarding site safety, there are different reviews and analysis reports. The website doesn’t demand any personal information to share. However, there are some privacy violations that users need to know and should keep in mind while downloading. The site is safe due to public data access only, not private data.

Is Pixwox Legal

Although it is legal to save public data by visiting particular Insta profiles, the platform keeps your identity hidden from the owner whose content must be saved. If the actual owner restricts the data access, it is illegal to save the content without permission.

Pros and Cons of Using Pixwox

There are some advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons) of using the Pixwox. 


  • Explore multiple Instagram stories, video clips, and posts.
  • Compatibility to multiple devices.
  • No need for an account.


  • Very little recognition on social media platforms.
  • Sometimes, other’s content can create copyright violations.
  • Some bad reviews and feedback.

Pixwox Mirror Sites

These sites’ domains are mirrors and unblocked due to the powerful server integrations. After getting the proxies, you don’t need any unlocker or third-party tool to open the browser.

Is Pixwox Down

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How To Use Pixwox

The platform provides a special search engine at the interface that allows you to start the downloading process. The Instagram data-saving process is very simple and fast and starts with the following steps:

Step One: After opening the website in the browser, Copy Instagram Profile Link whom you want to see.

pixwox one

Second Step: Paste the Instagram Profile URL and click the search button. 

pixwox two

Third Step: After completing the search collection, you can View Instagram ID with the download option.

pixwox three

Can I use this tool without logging into my Instagram account?

As a user, I find it delightful that Pixwox provides the flexibility to browse Instagram photos without logging into my Instagram account. This feature allows me to access and enjoy content while maintaining privacy and limiting data sharing. Essentially, Pixwox simplifies my Instagram experience by stripping away the login requirements without compromising the richness of content.

Can I download someone’s Insta DP without letting them know?

As a user of Pixwox, I’ve found the ability to download someone’s Instagram Display Picture (DP) without their knowledge a handy feature. This function allows me to save high-quality images for offline viewing without alerting the owner, maintaining a sense of discretion and privacy. With Pixwox, I can confidently explore and save Instagram content, knowing that my actions remain untracked and unnoticed by others.

Is this Instagram profile viewer free to use?

It is often asked whether Pixwox comes with a price tag. We’re pleased to tell you that Instagram profile viewer is completely free to use. We believe in providing a hassle-free experience to our users, including ensuring all tools and features are accessible without any hidden costs. Enjoy browsing your favorite Instagram content on Pixwox without a dent in your wallet.

Pixwox Alternative

If you want to use more sites like Pixwox, check the features of these tools that can perform similar actions. Here you have further choice to use the best replacements. 


Picuki is an online photo editing tool designed to cater to Instagram users, offering a convenient way to save images from public Instagram pages. After saving these photos, users can use tools to enhance and customize them to their liking and share their creatively edited content with friends and followers. 

The basic functionality provides Instagram enthusiasts with a versatile and user-friendly platform for curating and personalizing the visual content they come across on public profiles and stories, all while ensuring they respect Instagram’s terms and policies for a positive online experience.

The platform provides an anonymous way to view Instagram stories without registering, and it’s completely free to use. Much like the other tools on this list, it lets you browse profiles from a web browser, ensuring you’re not logged into your Instagram account. As a result, even if the profile owner uses a tool to track their viewers, your name won’t be displayed.

Additionally, Picuki allows you to download posts and stories from Instagram. However, it’s important to note that you can only view currently active stories, meaning those from the past 24 hours. You won’t have access to older or deleted stories, nor can you see deleted posts.


  • convenient way to save images
  • versatile and user-friendly platform
  • download posts and stories


Inflact is a valuable social media marketing tool designed to assist businesses in effectively engaging with their clients, managing content, and expanding their audience. The key elements of Inflact encompass an AI-driven hashtag generator, chatbot functionality, post-scheduling capabilities, growth analytics tools, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, and a profile analyzer. 

The features empower businesses to optimize social media presence and interaction, streamline content management, and foster audience growth. 


  • hashtag generator
  • content management
  • profile analysis tool

Save Free

Save Insta website emerges as a top-tier Instagram Downloader online, offering a comprehensive set of download options for Instagram users. It enables users to download Instagram videos in high-quality mp4 format, save Instagram stories and highlights using the Story Saver feature, download photos and profile pictures, and even save Instagram reels. 

Importantly, it also supports downloads from private Instagram accounts. The process is straightforward: users only need to copy the link of the video or image they wish to save and then paste it into the provided box. 

Afterward, they can save the content directly to their device, whether Android, iPhone, or PC. This versatile tool accommodates various download needs, whether for Instagram video download or Instagram reel download, making it a valuable resource for Instagram enthusiasts.


  • save Instagram stories and highlights
  • save the content directly
  • videos in high-quality


Exploreig is an Insta pfp zoom viewer, making it a valuable tool for Instagram users. Additionally, there’s an Android Application available on the Google Play Store, allowing users to view and download Instagram profile pictures as needed. This application lets users see InstaDP in full size, providing a comprehensive view of profile pictures.

Exploreig also functions as a versatile Instagram story downloader, catering to the needs of creators on the platform. Users can rely on it to download Instagram stories with precision and skill, supporting their content creation efforts. 

Furthermore, it operates as an Instagram reel viewer, enhancing user experience. This feature lets users download Instagram reels, facilitating better content access and engagement. This multifaceted tool contributes to a more seamless and comprehensive Instagram experience.


  • zoom in or out compatibility
  • download Instagram reels
  • seamless and comprehensive usability


GreatFon rounds out our list of Instagram story viewers as a free online tool that offers a range of capabilities for Instagram users. Users can anonymously view profiles, stories, followers, reels, and tagged web posts with the tool. Moreover, the tool allows you to search and view popular hashtags without requiring an account.

To use GreatFon completely anonymously, you only need to type the Instagram account you want to explore into the homepage search bar. The tool will then display Instagram user data related to that account, all without the necessity of logging in. 

It’s important to note that the Instagram account you’re searching for must be public for you to be able to watch Instagram stories. GreatFon provides a user-friendly and privacy-conscious solution for exploring Instagram content without needing a registered account.


  • A wide range of convenient features.
  • Online and free to access.
  • Anonymous viewing usability.
  • No Instagram account is required.
  • Search for Hashtags and locations.


Toolzu is a dynamic Instagram hashtag generator designed to empower users in crafting compelling and engaging content. This versatile platform streamlines generating relevant hashtags, amplifying your reach and impact on Instagram. With Toolzu, you can effortlessly create up to 30 hashtags for a single post in seconds, allowing for efficient and effective content development. 

Customization options are at your fingertips, enabling you to tailor hashtags to specific topics or geographic locations, ensuring your content resonates with your desired audience. Toolzu doesn’t stop at generating hashtags; it also provides suggestions for related hashtags and offers a curated list of Instagram’s most popular ones. 

Plus, the convenience of saving and reusing your customized hashtag lists enhances consistency in your hashtag strategy. With this tool, you can boost engagement on your posts, reach a broader audience, and craft content that truly stands out.


  • Hashtag-generating output commands
  • Customize editing options
  • Versatile platform


Glassagram is an exceptional application, introducing a unique and innovative approach to engaging with Instagram stories while prioritizing user privacy. Serving as a specialized story private viewer for Instagram, it boasts a wide range of features that set it apart as a standout application. Its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users of varying levels of tech proficiency. 

Upon installation, a straightforward login process allows users to securely connect their Instagram accounts, guaranteeing a seamless and authentic experience throughout their interaction with the app. Glassagram combines innovation with privacy to offer a distinctive way to enjoy Instagram stories.


  • unique & simple interface
  • wide range of features
  • seamless interaction with the tool


Instanavigation is a valuable tool to manage the Instagram account through basic editing options. In a world increasingly shaped by social media, safeguarding one’s privacy is paramount. This is where instanavigation, an online Insta story viewer tool, steps in. 

It empowers users to discreetly view Instagram stories without disclosing their identity, addressing the growing need for online anonymity in an era of heightened digital connectivity. It serves as a valuable solution for those seeking to explore stories on Instagram while preserving their privacy.


  • basic editing options
  • social media sharing compatibility
  • Insta stories saving option


Privatephotoviewer is a smart tool to manage the different editing commands on Instagram. Encountering a private Instagram account can often be a blockade for those seeking information. However, certain situations necessitate a deeper understanding of someone’s online activities, such as concerned parents looking out for their children.

The important objective is to filter out the extra and distracting information, offering valuable insights into the individual of interest. These tools enable users to access relevant data and better understand the person they are curious about while respecting privacy boundaries.


  • simple editing commands
  • fast processing functionality
  • Easy-to-use options 


Inststalk offers users a convenient way to stay updated with Instagram content without needing account logins. The platform lets you view stories from various Instagram accounts and watch Instagram videos, expanding your social media experience. In addition to viewing, Inststalk allows you to download stories and videos from Instagram, enhancing your content accessibility. 

Its compatibility with all devices and browser-based interface ensures users can access it effortlessly. Most notably, it is free and doesn’t require any logins, providing a seamless and anonymous Instagram experience. This service offers a quick and user-friendly solution for staying in the loop with someone’s Instagram activity while delivering a range of useful features.


  • stay updated with the stories
  • comprehensive interface
  • seamless and anonymous experience 


ImageRocket is a distinctive application that opens up simple options for Instagram users with editing commands. This app introduces exciting possibilities for users to explore Instagram fresh and innovatively. 

It allows users to view Instagram content in ways that go beyond the conventional Instagram experience, offering a unique and enriched approach to engaging with the social media platform.


  • simple interface
  • social media sharing
  • easy editing commands


Instafreeview is a free online application designed for viewing Instagram profiles without the need for a login. Users can conveniently access Instagram profiles and view posts while maintaining their anonymity. This tool offers a hassle-free and secure method for exploring Instagram content without requiring a traditional login process.


  • privacy security
  • easy login process
  • free mode


Instaview is an advanced tool that enables users to manage and save the different desired posts on the Instagram platform. You don’t need an Instagram account or install a dedicated app to use the tool. It’s a hassle-free way to explore Instagram content without registering. In addition to Instagram profiles, the tool enables you to search for popular hashtags and locations, enhancing your ability to discover relevant content.

It is Pixwox similar and completely free of charge. Users can enjoy its functionality without repeating any costs. The tool lets you anonymously watch Instagram stories, posts, followers, and reels. This can be especially useful for those who prefer private interactions.

The download feature is separate from the main platform, making it easier to use. This separation ensures that users can access the content they need without unnecessary complexity. Overall, the tool provides a straightforward and user-friendly solution for exploring and downloading Instagram content while respecting your privacy and anonymity.


  • view diverse Instagram stories
  • intuitive interface
  • private interaction


Imglookup offers an effective and functional online solution for viewing Instagram profiles without downloads or unnecessary complexities. With this service, users can easily access Instagram profiles and view their photos

The tool provides a seamless and hassle-free way to explore Instagram content while ensuring the privacy and convenience of its users, all at no cost. This is among the top-rated valuable websites like Pixwox, where you can perform multiple tasks effectively.


  • online solution
  • view pics with ease
  • complete privacy


Storistalker distinguishes itself from the previous Instagram viewers on our list with its unique features. While it allows you to anonymously view stories, profiles, and posts in your web browser like others, it offers Instagram monitoring capabilities. With the tool, you can track specific Instagram users, keeping an eye on their account changes, like posts, comments, and more.

What sets Storistalker apart is its ability to let you view deleted posts and stories, which is a feature not commonly found in other viewers. However, there’s a catch where you can only view a user’s posts without needing an account, but to access their stories, deleted content, and likes, you’ll need to create an account on the platform.

It’s worth noting that the enhanced capabilities of Storistalker come with a cost. The tool offers three plans tailored for short-term account monitoring, ranging from three to fifteen days.


  • view multiple profiles & stories
  • account tailoring
  • no cost


I think the above-discussed stories are complete descriptions of Insta tools and useful features. After getting insights into the Pixwox alternatives, you will surely find some of the best sources to manage the Instagram account. Moreover, most are free from privacy issues and deliver fast output.