Why Is Everyone Updating Their Privacy Policies


We spend so much time and money in our lives on privacy and security. But do we think about how much we are exposed in the virtual world? Every bit of our information and data is on the internet for the world to see.

While most of us opt for privacy on social media, it does not make a difference. Any search engine will show your information if it is on the internet.

Concealing your activity on the internet is a tricky task. Here are a few ways to ensure that your virtual existence is more secure than usual.

Ghost browsing

One way to ensure that your internet activity is private and secure is to opt for ghost browsing. Ghost browsing is an incognito way to browse the internet. This feature allows the browser and the search engine to never keep tabs or save your loaded data. The TOR browser is an example of this system. The browser bounces your activity from place to place so that your history is a lot less easy to trace back to you. Although it is not a complete way, it is still a layer of security.

Use private search engines

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most popular on the internet. They collect data to present relevant ads to the user. Using private search engines is less likely to collect your data and save it for use later. However, this feature is also not a solid way of protecting your presence.

Hide your mic and webcam

One of the easiest and most common ways to collect data from you is through your webcam and your microphone. In your phone and your desktop, if there is a microphone and webcam, the internet is hearing and watching you. This is the way to collect data for ads and for about everything. As soon as you log in, the internet can see you. Hide it with tape or other methods to remain out of their reach.

Private social media

Believe it or not but private social media is a thing. Momentpin  is an app for private social media. With this app you can share your data with selected people only. The app allows you to have a virtually safe network to share your data. Moreover, this app does not own any of your data or use it to generate information about you, so its safe. So far, it is the best way to keep your existence private. You do have the option to set privacy settings on other mediums, but they do not work. Your data is listed on the search engines anyway.

Other apps include 23 snaps which works as a family photo album. You have the option to share your pictures with your family and friends only. However, it is mostly for sharing data and less of a community app.

Use incognito mode

Almost all browsers have an incognito or a private mode. This feature is the best way to leave no history behind on the web. Leaving no history behind will make sure that your browsing remains private and there are almost no traceable steps left behind.Conclusion

To wrap up, you should understand that the internet cannot be fully private. Using ways to secure your existence on the internet is a step. However, the best way to hide yourself from strangers is to use an app like Momentpin that keep you safe from strangers.

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