Services Provided By Jasonmold

plastic injection molding

Jasonmold Industrial Company limited is the best plastic injection molding maker in China. The specialization of this company is plastic mold production for medical equipments, electronic equipments, safety equipments and also household appliances. Jasonmold is well known among all the plastic injection molding manufacturers in the entire world and is the first preference for most of the customers. The mission of the company is to provide superior quality services and molding products to the customer. You can get more information about the company from this website In this article I will discuss about the services provided by Jasonmold.

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Service

Jasonmold specializes in over molding, insert and injection of varieties range of plastics. The high industry knowledge and advanced capabilities of this company allows the company to provide all kinds of solution as per the manufacturing needs. From prototypes to high level production, the modern equipments and the facilities of the company provides flexibility to deliver good quality molded products with quick turnaround times. Jasonmold provides all-round mold building services, featuring mold design, in-house tool fabrication, and production or prototype tooling. The company can also help with urgent or emergency tooling needs faster than other companies. Jasonmold can work with 3D or 2D models provided by the customer or the company can generate models for the customer. The company generates the model by using wire EDM technology, CNC 3-axis machining and with the help of veteran plastic injection molding makers of the company. With the help of these facilities and workers the company can meet all the surface finish and mold building requirements of the customer.

Plastic Products Manufacturing Packaging and Assembly Services

Jasonmold have experience of many years in post-mold handling of different components and are able to offer the customer a complete packaging and finished assembly. These extra operations performed by the company are within the cycle of molding, yielding low cost and improves the competitive edge of the company. This approach saves money and time of the company resulting in quick, cost- effective and flexible production of assemblies which are completed and ready to use.

Rapid Prototype Making and Design Services

In Jasonmold the workers also assist in the development of the prototype of new products. They offer a number of quick prototype options that are available to validate the forms, functions and fit of the injection molded design. If “speed to market” is the concern of the customer then prototyping method is one of the best solutions. It does not matter if the customer wants 3 parts or 300 parts, Jasonmold can arrange for the customer’s needs immediately. Some best prototyping process is as follows:

Stereolithography: It provides a physical 3D model which is generated from a CAD file for good initial review of the design concept.

CNC Machining: This method can be used if the total 3D CAD model is unavailable or if the needs require proper fabricating into a shape from a special material.

Low Cost Injection Molds: It is the most advanced prototyping option. It is the best method if the customer requires huge amount of parts immediately.

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