The Speaker Terms You Should Know Before Buying Speakers


If you are unfamiliar with speakers, you may think that any ones will do when you want to create a home theatre. However, there are many differences you should be aware of when selecting speakers on for your system. Movies and music have different sound requirements, with modern movie soundtracks having more complicated multichannel sound range requirements.

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What is a…?

Speaker terms can be very confusing if you don’t know anything about the topic. Sub-woofers, tweeters and other terms may be meaningless to you, but they are important when it comes to selecting speakers. Here are some basic terms you should know.

Driver – This is the cone shaped area of the speaker the moves back and forth to help produce sound. Some speakers have more than one driver to help produce sound at different frequencies, such as midrange or bass drivers.

Tweeter – This small driver, which is about one inch in diameter or less, produces high frequency, or treble, sounds.

Crossover – This is a system of parts that breaks the sound into different frequencies and sends them to the appropriate driver to produce sound.

Satellite – This is a small speaker that can fit almost anywhere. Their drivers are usually four inches in diameter or less and they may have a tweeter, depending on the size of the driver. They don’t usually produce a bass sound, so if you want to hear the bass, you will need additional speakers.

Subwoofer – This helps to produce bass sounds. The driver in this type of speaker can range in size from six and a half to 15-inches in diameter. Most modern subwoofers have their own amplification, but if you have an older system, you will need it from another source.

Hi-Fi Speakers – high-fidelity speakers are mainly used for listening to music on a stereo system. The music source may be a CD, the radio, digital audio tape (DAT) or from several other sources. To help capture all sounds, they have tweeters and subwoofers to produce treble and bass sounds.

Surrounds – these speakers, along with rear surrounds, are used in home theatre systems to help capture the range of sounds on modern movie soundtracks. A home theatre system can have many different speakers to help viewers hear all of the multichannel sounds.

There are many more terms, but these are the basics you should know before shopping for speakers. Some terms can be very technical and, unless you are a sound engineer, you may never need to know those terms.

What Speakers Do You Need?

If you want to just listen to music, then you will want to get a set of good quality hi-fi speakers from Audio Visual Revolution. However, if you want a home theatre system, you will now be familiar with some of the speaker terms, which can help you shop for the correct speakers. Good speakers can be expensive, but to get the most out of your home theatre system or stereo, the investment is worth the cost.

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