Use The Codes To Fasten Up Your Game Moves

Fasten Up Your Game Moves

Agario has captured the market like a leech and is growing each day like a creeper. Wondering what is Agario? Well, it is a game that is addictive, entertaining and challenging in nature. Having being recently launched, it has raced behind various other popular games.

Learning the game

Well, this is a game of intelligence where you need to apply common sense while playing. The greatest advantage is that all the modes available are free and do not need to be unlocked as other games demand. The main aim of this game is to increase your size by eating weaker enemies as well as colored dots which are widely spread across the board. However you need to protect yourself from other bugger opponents who might end up eating you.

You can choose to play alone or in a team. Playing in a team will however serve to be advantageous especially if you are a beginner. This is because they can save you from other larger parties. This is a little tuff game but once you get the hang of it, you shall love it to the core.

However, if you have already been playing Agario and have also mastered it, then here is another level which you should be aware of. To extend the fun of playing you can annex skins and mods. This you can do by using the browser extension or script you can download the Agario Hack. This feature aids you to master the game. The complex script of this option identifies and measures the enemies’ movement and helps you to play accordingly. You can download the hack by following method:

  • Download the extension
  • Run the software
  • Finish the human verification
  • Enjoy it thereon

The hack will proffer few customize folder which extends an interesting feature called Agario cheatIt is a mod which makes the game cascade in your favor.

What is cheats in Agario

Well it’s a mod in the game that makes it all the more interesting. The codes extended by cheat’s aids the players to carry activities to confuse the opponent and lead the game. The tricks also aid you to top the leadership board game. However cheats can become a bit boring if the opponent you are playing with is not using it.

Well, there are some kosher cheats that can make the game captivating for you. The codes like ‘Fuck you’ or ‘Made you split 3’ are used to

  • Expand the cell hostility for enemy by around 50 percent
  • Zoom in the cells to make you observe the activities clearly and nicely
  • Make some cells around you disappear randomly
  • Splitting the cells to decrease the chances of being killed

Where can you find these codes?

Well the cheat codes can be found on you hack folder which is custom in nature. In that folder you shall also find instructions to use Agario hack step by step.

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