Being a Developer – How to think BIG?


“the thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much  intelligence you have” – David J. Schwartz 

Ever seen this quote before? It’s a supreme quote written by a supreme personality. Surely, your way  of thinking reflects your future actions. 

If you think BIG, your actions will be BIG too and you must know what happens when your way of  thinking is a bit narrow. 

In this article, there will be a few tips that can help you to pull yourself out of a narrow-minded thinking as a developer.  

People who don’t value their skills always wander like nomads because they create no permanent shelters for themselves. Completing a course and finding an average salary job is not what developers  do. It’s not their thing. They have far more BIGGER plans than that.  

Don’t Underestimate Yourself 

Your first step towards success is when you start understanding your worth. Never consider yourself a junior developer. Developers’ community is one of the largest communities in this world. There is a wide range of people who work as developers and are most popular for their work. Everyone has their  own value. Everyone has their own worth.  

Being a part of the largest community is precious. Learn to stand among most talented people. Never  be anxious of thinking that you are less than anyone else. Move like a pro.  

Now, there will be a question in your mind ‘Doesn’t it mean, being over-confident?’ and the answer is  ‘NO’. 

Don’t be Over-Confident 

Before apprehending over-confidence, you must know what it actually means. Being over-confident means displaying abilities/skills that you don’t really own. Don’t speak loudly about things that you  have no knowledge of. It can cost you your respect and it will mitigate your value. 

Always talk about things that you thoroughly know about. Imagine getting stuck on a topic that you yourself started first. That would be funny. So, avoid it. 

Embrace Your Abilities 

Now you will say ‘how can I consider myself a senior developer when I’m not?’ okay so, let’s answer  these questions. Do you know how internet works? Do you know how a computer works? Do you  know how a website works? Do you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript so you can  build your own website? Have you completed a few projects using React? Do you know how-to put 

up websites and apps online?  

If your answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’ then congrats you are not a junior developer. Now, get  rid of that mindset. 

Don’t Sell your Abilities at a Bargain Price 

‘But I need a job’ you will say. Understandable. But maybe you can do better. This is not what you are  meant to do. Working among talented people gives you more opportunities to learn things but that  doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short. You are able to do things that a common man can’t. What  else hint do you need? 

Learn More and More Skills 

No, it doesn’t mean Web Development Skills. You already know that, right.  

Here’s a list of skills that you really need to learn as a developer because these are going to be life  saver for you in your future or present maybe.  

Practice more code 


Write codes again and again. Ever heard of ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, it’s a universal truth. The  more you try the more it will shape your skills. Keep trying new things. Keep playing with codes. It will  help you the most when you will be working at a professional level because when you are at professional level, you hardly can get a little time to sit and learn. So, this is the time.  

This is an important thing that if you want to get better at a specific skill you should try it again and  again. You can never be successful without putting your mind and hands in action. 

Incorporate Tests

Involve yourself in random coding tests. Do one thing with different methods. You will never know the  functions without trying them up. It will solve your many problems. Make different classes. Try  different coding methods. Try one-line codes. Then, try them in different paths. Work on one div then  make various divs and work on them gradually.  

You will see how writing tests lead to a better-quality code. 

Help others 

Helping others gives you opportunity to revise all of your learning. When you help others with coding or any other issue they face, you are also practicing your skills.  

Be open to help others on stuff you might not be the best at, you might be end up learning new things that can help you to increase your precious skills. 

Lower your Ego 

Considering yourself best and being polite at the same time is good thing to own. Lower your ego for especially the new learners. Show them kindness. Deal with them politely. 

For instance, you and your colleague have different style of doing the same thing because everyone  has their own style. Both of you are good at that specific thing but the way you use or the way he uses,  is more effective and attractive. So, be polite and don’t be egoistic in exposing your skills.  

Make Personal Projects 

Give yourself challenges. 

This is how it works. Make your personal demo projects to test your skills. Complete your task at  absolute time. It will show you how much you are dedicated to your work and also, how much time  you really need to work on a project. 

Solve Coding Challenges 

Solving coding challenges will help you to focus on things that we take for granted in our routine life.  The space and complexity of our code. It enables you to critically analyze your code and will help you  to come up with the best code in the terms of performance and quality.  

There are many sites available on internet that you can use to solve coding challenges. That’s all about skills that you really need to work on. 

Get Rid of Junior Mindset 

To be a pro, firstly you need to get rid of this mindset. Stop sympathizing yourself. You don’t need any  sympathies. You are a well-educated developer. You know how to deal with Web Developing organizations and people who work with them. You should be confident enough about your abilities.  So, stop calling yourself a Junior Developer.

Writing Code after Planning 

Planning before writing your code will help you to work like a pro. To think BIG and to work BIGGER,  you really need to adopt this habit of planning before writing.  

Imagine writing bulks of codes and then getting a small error that you are unable to find. It happens  frequently with programmers.  

Professionals say: “Write code that is easy to delete.” 

It’s kind of a weird statement but it’s true. 

Completing Small Projects 

Completing small projects doesn’t mean working on lengthy tasks with small income. It means working  on a small project with smart income. Work smartly.  

Come up with shortest solutions. Don’t waste too much time in small projects with short income. It  can be done at a very beginner level but not at intermediate or expert level.  

Don’t Quit 

This is the most important point of all.  

Never give up! Never think it’s hard to do. Never say you won’t be able to do that. It will take time but  it will be going to worth it. 

Whenever this thought strikes your mind just think about why have you really started that. Keep your motivations high 

Keep yourself motivated and don’t think you are going to fail. Be optimistic. Think about your success.  Think about things that matter to you. Always remember, ‘hard work pays off’. 

It is worth consuming your time. It is what you wanted to do since day one. Don’t be disappointed  within a number of days. Always remember, ‘good things take time’. 

Don’t be Lazy 

Laziness is the death of your dreams. When you dream BIG you have to work BIG too. So, stop being  lazy and stop procrastinating. 

If you have got an error then solve it at the moment and don’t keep it for the next day. Your  progressiveness defines your future. And your future depends on your ACTIONS. 

Conclusion: Giving up is never an option. Learn from your mistakes. Be dedicated to your work. Practice  more and more. Find out solutions on your own. Don’t copy anyone else’s work. Make your own style.  Don’t settle for less. Establish your own business. Work for yourself & think BIGGER.


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