IG Panel: Unlocking the Power of Social Media Marketing

IG Panel

You can get unlimited likes and comments on your Instagram photos and videos using the IG Panel, an Instagram auto-liker website, and a tool similar to VIP tools or additional supporters. You can access story views, reel likes, and igtv viewpoints and preferences with the Igpanel. 

What is IG Panel?

It is a service that lets you get more likes and followers. Whether this is your first time using automated tools to get IG Panel Instagram followers and likes, or you have never heard about this, you should learn about it before doing anything specific. It is a service for growing an Instagram account. This social media marketplace website provides automated solutions for Instagram followers, views, and poll votes, however, its services aren’t always available. 

The act of admiring and loving someone’s Instagram posts highlights their extraordinary persuasiveness and encourages others to appreciate the information in such posts. Being a successful Instagram influencer requires you to build a huge audience, a sizable following, and a sizable number of likes on your posts. Using IG Panel, you may increase your Instagram followers, votes, and saves.

How Does it Work?

This site connects Instagram users with a network of real users willing to follow, like, or comment on their posts in exchange for rewards. Users can earn rewards by following, liking, or commenting on other users’ posts.

When a user signs up for IG Panel, they can choose which type of engagement they want to receive. They can choose to receive followers, likes, or comments. Once they have selected their preferred engagement type, they will be presented with a list of other users’ posts to engage with.

Why Use IG Panel?

It is free to use and works on all Android devices. Users need only download the app to start getting free real Instagram followers. This app is best for people who have just started making content and are having trouble getting people to follow them. Also, anyone can use it to get more followers immediately and become well-known.

Social media is growing quickly, allowing many to try out new business ideas. But to do that, it’s most important to have people who agree with you. And this amazing app makes it easy to meet that important need. Grow your social media connections, get more fans, and grow your other business.

What services does IG Panel offer?

IG Panel can get friends, likes, views of videos, and votes in polls. Genuine services, on the other hand, usually give less than that. Some of them won’t work, and the ones that won’t work can change at any time. Whenever you log in, there is a chance that the services you need are not available.

How can you increase your visibility on Igpanel?

AiGrow can protect your record by using Instagram’s calculations and cutoff points. It gives you real Instagram followers who are interested in what your account is about and raises your commission rate. After that, you can easily build your account with Igpanel. AiGrow can help you build your record in several different ways. 

  1. Narrow down your hashtag ideas: AiGrow will list the most popular hashtags in that category. Promoting your post with hashtags will soon get real fans to follow your account.
  2. Hold Instagram contests that are run by a computer
  3. Use AiGrow’s content schedule to get ideas for posts and hashtags
  4. Present numerous connections on your profile: Use the answer to your profile question on AiGrow to send people to your site. Find out more about this part of the puzzle.
  5. Repost content from other Instagram accounts. This useful feature isn’t available in Instagram’s main app, but you can get close to it with AiGrow.

How to Login IG Panel?

The website offers users followers and other services to boost their Instagram account engagement rates. Here are the steps for logging into the Panel, which bothered most of those who wanted to try it.

     1. To access the login page, go to IG Panel and click the profile image in the top right corner.

IG Panel

     2. After human verification, you can enter your Ig username and password; many chances are that you’ll get stuck with the message “You can not log in to this account.” 

You can not log in to this account

If you have another account, you can switch it to correct the issue. If not, stay persistent, switch networks, or use a VPN. Fortunately, you’ll be able to log in at some point.

     3. After completing a second human verification, you should input the user id of the profile you wish to add followers too.

After completing a second human verification

     4. You can immediately send followers by entering several followers below the number of credits you have after validating how many credits you have.

how many credits you have

That is a fantastic way to start with your first 10 free Instagram followers. However, you could be concerned that your credit limit is insufficient. However, subscribing to the IG Panel YouTube channel can acquire extra quantities for free.

What Features Do They Provide for Instagram Optimization?

Scheduling Posts

Consistently producing and publishing content is a time-consuming social media management responsibility, and it makes this procedure easier by allowing users to schedule postings in advance. Businesses can use this tool to organize their social media material, ensuring their audience consistently receives new and pertinent content. In addition, it provides a content calendar so users can easily keep track of their scheduled postings.

Performance Analytics

Businesses must periodically assess their performance to judge the success of social media marketing. The site provides analytics tools that enable customers to monitor their social media performance, including post interaction, follower expansion, and audience demographics. Businesses can use this information to modify their tactics and enhance their social media presence.

Managing Followers

Managing followers can be difficult, especially for brands with sizable fan bases. It allows users to manage their followers more effectively by removing inactive followers and figuring out their most engaged followers. With the help of this function, businesses may interact with their customers more successfully and develop closer bonds with their followers.

Engaging with the Audience

Building a devoted following and a solid brand reputation needs engaging the audience. It also provides resources like auto-replies, direct messaging, and comment management to make this process easier. With the help of this tool, businesses may interact with their customers and audiences more successfully.

Free Video Views 

It isn’t very pleasant when your Instagram videos only get 0 views, 5 views, or even 15 views. It takes a lot of work to make and put a video online. But now you can send free video views to your video posts with IG Panel and become famous overnight.

Comments and Likes

Do you want to approve your followers’ comments on your posts? It’s a nice thing to do, but liking a lot of comments can take a lot of time and be boring. It can help you by giving your comments free likes.

Is IG Panel risk-free?

There are a lot of Instagram boards and development tools out there that claim to help you improve your account. But the question is, “Are Instagram IG Panel generally safe?” Just thinking about losing your Instagram account can make you sad and upset at the same time. Because of this, you should check out any Instagram app or manager’s tool before using it.

There are a lot of Instagram managers and development apps that claim to be able to help you improve your account. You might ask, “Are all of the Instagram tools safe?” Just the thought of losing your Instagram record could make you crazy and sad simultaneously. So, taking a second look at any Instagram feature or the creator’s plan before using it is important.

Top Alternatives of IG Panel


Most prominent people in society have a sizable following on social media, which only highlights the latter’s significance in contemporary society. An easy-to-access tool called SocialTrades was developed to help customers manage their social media platforms to increase their popularity and organic growth. One of the largest famous service providers globally, it enjoys the trust of more than 400,000 consumers globally.


A website working in the social media sector is called Panel Pedia. Panel Pedia offers all the services you might need for social networking. The creator built this website to simplify business transactions between clients, resellers, and panel owners on social media. It also allows you to collaborate with them and join their team. 


99Insta is also a famous alternative to IG Panel, offering similar features and functions for businesses looking to improve their social media management. With the help of this website, a business can schedule posts, track their analytics, and engage with their followers across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

This platform is known for its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, making it an excellent option for small businesses and individuals looking to build their social media presence. With its wide range of features and commitments to its customers, 99Insta is a reliable choice for those looking to improve their social media strategies.


When someone watches at least three seconds of your video, their viewing of it is recorded as a view on IGTV. Finding out what engages and disengages your audience on IGTV is a terrific tool. If you want to grow quickly and are just starting your Instagram activity, Free Instagram IGTV Views is a free service that is advised. The FreeIGTV Views service will result in an increase in your followers in addition to your views.


It is another social media management tool to enhance their social media presence. With its features, Famouseller makes it easy for businesses to schedule and publish content across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform also offers analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track the performance of their social media campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly. Famouseller is a great option for all sizes looking to streamline their social media management and improve engagement rates.


Getins+ is well-known for its service that helps iOS users get more Instagram followers. And it adds an Android version that lets you get as many free likes and followers as you want. This can be your first choice if you’re looking for an alternative for iOS.

And you can only add up to 5 accounts at once to grow Instagram. It doesn’t need your personal information and works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you can grow quickly and immediately. This is better than getting likes and followers from the IG Panel.


Everything in our digital age, including letters, associations, employment, and shopping, is changing. Tech companies are introducing innovations that have widening doors. For instance, a person from one part of the world can communicate with someone from a different part of the world. The drive behind innovation is this. The largest informal community that is well-known to many people is, by a huge margin, Instagram. 

BuyInstastoryviews introduced an amazing feature a few years ago, which is still used today. This function lets users post videos and photos of their daily highlights. The greatest thing right now is that many firms are utilizing this exceptional Instagram story function to gain recognition and increase their visibility among their target audience.

Currently, brands are becoming more well-known thanks to Instagram stories. It’s essential to stand out when sharing Instagram stories to be seen by the target audience, and you can do this by purchasing your IG Panel story views. Since this process is laborious, buying Instagram story views organically is challenging.


Instahile is another social media management tool that can help you to grow your social media presence and reach your target audience. It offers a range of features; it can also help businesses optimize their social media strategies and improve engagement rates.

With Instahile, businesses can easily manage their social media accounts, streamline their content creation process, and gain valuable insights into their audience’s behavior. It’s a great alternative for businesses seeking a comprehensive social media management tool to help them achieve their marketing goals.


It is another tool that gives you massive followers and more likes on your account. Your daily activity on social media, particularly Instagram, affects your reputation. The Instagram user with the largest following establishes a brand that the world will be aware of. If you don’t already have a large following, you’ll need to buy likes to gain the attention you desire and deserve.

You must also compete with accounts with a significant following if you want people to recognize your brand. You can do this by spending money to get likes on your uploaded Instagram posts. Gramifly can rapidly and easily identify your new uploads and provides you with authentic, automatically generated Instagram likes nearly soon after upload.

Followers Promotion

Another alternative for boosting your Instagram page. Many people don’t give their promotions enough thought until they notice some action, but they don’t engage with it. This website makes it easy to do what many people don’t have time for. This site provides you with some interactive features:

  • Followers promotion gives you a faster result with a 100 percent guarantee.
  • It is cost-effective for every person. You must check this site if you want your post promotion cheaply, with large results.
  • It may find those people on the internet who match up with your Instagram post.
  • It allows you to control the number of likes you receive on your account.


GetInsmarta is the greatest alternative that delivers over 10k Instagram followers and likes to iOS users. If you use iOS, you should use GetInsmarta because it is the finest option. Downloading the application is required to access this Instagram likes app for iPhone, which provides many useful functions. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows.


  • It is an application optimized for mobile device usage and provides users of iOS devices with a user interface that is simple to navigate.
  • Users will have access to genuine followers and likes, which will help improve the quality of their accounts.


  • Only available for iOS


One of the best Instagram apps available for iOS devices is called InsReports+. You can acquire Instagram followers and likes by using the service InsReports+. You may also choose from various packages, such as daily followers, instant followers, auto likes, and instant likes. All of these features are offered to you.

You have the option of picking the one that is best suited to satisfy your requirements for enhancing your Instagram account. In addition to that, InsReports+ can provide a comprehensive analysis of your followers, postings, and watchers of your stories. You may preserve your current following while growing your audience by using these tools on Instagram.

Ins Followers

If you want unlimited free followers, Ins Followers is the best alternative. You may obtain an endless number of free Instagram followers with this automated method without creating an account or providing a password. How does it acquire followers for nothing? As long as you follow people or like their photos, you’ll get a lot of coins back, which you could use to buy more followers. In this way, getting free followers on Instagram is completely free. And both Android and iOS devices can use it.


  • Get followers on Instagram immediately, and get free followers indefinitely and constantly.
  • People who want to follow you to get coins back are the ones you get for free. This means they are real and active people. People will only follow or like your posts once they’re interested in you. They will be the followers you want to get more interaction from.
  • No risk at all. Followers of Ins You don’t have to enter your Instagram password or anything else private, and there is no email verification, survey, login, or human verification. And you can download Ins Followers without risk from Google Play or the App Store.
  • There is no maximum number of followers, but there are no limits.

Insta Followers Pro

Insta Followers Pro is another platform that offers Instagram services. It exposes your accounts to potential followers to gain more of them and acquire more likes, views, and comments on your posts and stories.

Followers Gallery has outsmarted all the other tools in supplying the greatest services after carefully reading what the IG Panel Followers platforms offer. They should employ it to increase the quantity and caliber of likes and followers for their Instagram accounts.


IG Panel is an excellent social media marketing tool that simplifies managing social media accounts. With its features, including scheduling posts, performance analytics, managing followers, and engaging with the audience, businesses can streamline their social media activities and improve their online presence.

That makes it an essential tool for any business looking to grow its social media presence and connect with its audience. With this, businesses can focus on delivering high-quality content and engaging with their followers, knowing their social media management is under control.


Is this site free to use?

Yes, this website is free with a variety of features.

Is IG Panel a reliable website?

This site is safe and illegal if you use it carefully and do not abuse it in any way. 

Can you get free followers and likes with IG Panel?

To use the services, you must log in. But numerous tries show that you are unable to log in. So, you actually can’t get services or followers through the Instagram interface.

Why is IG Panel closed?

There was no explanation for why the website was taken offline; it stopped working around the end of May. At first, the link to their Telegram group continued to be displayed on the page, but recently, it has been removed.

It will provide you with a list of alternative websites and applications that offer free Instagram likes and followers. This is because IG Panel has been permanently shut down for unknown reasons. A comprehensive guide will also be provided if it becomes operational again in the foreseeable future.

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