Few Rules To Write Down An Awesome Content For Your Website

Awesome Content For Your Website

The Internet is really a big place. As per a survey, there are about 1.9 billion websites and people go for Google search about 3.5 billion every day. You can just get an idea by knowing this that in every single minute, 350,000 tweets rolled out.

So now you know that it is really difficult to engage a visitor on your website and it is quite challenging as well. You will be amazed to know that the web visitor only spends 15 seconds or less on a web page.

So now you know that you need really good website writing or you can say web content writing where your content on the website is well written and at the same time it should be optimized for better search engine visibility.

You can find these a few golden rules which make your website content an awesome thing.

  1. Know About Your Audience

When you are about to draft content, I am sure you ask yourself who is your primary audience for whom you are drafting this content for? We know your secondary audience is much larger in numbers but the main focus should be on your primary audience.

  1. Let’s follow the “inverted pyramid” model here

As you know that visitors decode what to read on the internet in just 15 seconds or even less than this then you should draft your content in cone format which you can say is an upside-down pyramid. Where you can keep the most important part of your content always on the top and then gradually drill down to more specific and just supporting data.

  1. Write short & simple sentences

As per Charles Dickens, the short sentences are preferred by the audience as they demand a sentence not more than 35 words so that they need not keep remembering the things. You can go for using nouns and verbs. Keep your content more readable so that a naive reader can understand it along with an expert of that particular topic. You can check this by

  • Finding your content readability score
  • Content Readability Test tool
  • Microsoft Word Program
  1. Go For active voice only

We strictly don’t want you to use passive voice while writing down a piece of content for your website audience. Active voice helps in creating more connectivity with the audience making it more audience-friendly.

  1. Show your audience instead of telling them

Go for real-world examples and scenarios instead of virtual examples and high-level statements. When you are writing product descriptions for an online shopping cart then you should be more descriptive which further helps the product to rank in search engines like Google.

  1. Use multimedia

Nowadays audiences like to form media files instead of just simple text files. You know an image or an infographic can do a lot more wonders than just simple text. As per research, 90 percent of the information shared with the brain by nerves is visual one only. You can add more images and other graphics to make your website visuals more impressive.

So these were a few points to keep in your mind while going for web content writing down your website content.

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