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Grow Your Business without Limitations

I never thought that a web hosting service had an impact on any business. What was ringing at the back of my mind was that hosting requires lot of money. If you are thinking the same you are right if you haven’t yet learned about unlimited web hosting services. But I was wrong. Since from my experience I realized that web hosting is really important. Actually, web hosting offers more benefits to your business. Let’s check the benefits offered by web hosting:

Your Links are Tracked: If there is a dead link on your website, no juice is passed in terms of SEO. Also, there is increase in bounce rates and decrease in conversions. This results in losses. When there is a web host to manage your website, this issue gets minimized. There’s a simple reason, it’s a part of the host’s job to monitor your links and to update them when they die. With this your website stays active. In the end, your website will have minimal links or not dead links at all.

Good for Optimization: Today, almost all perspective buyers own a Smartphone, tablet or desktop. A best website should provide its prospective visitors with a smooth ride and the gadget shouldn’t matter here. This type of optimization is important for the smooth flow of a business. Professional web hosting services often consider this kind of integrate-able optimization.

Extremely Convenient: The best web hosting services just don’t end up offering with a single service. They offer various services including domain registrations, email, security tools, etc. When you get all these services under one roof, it is extremely convenient. Your time spent on finding independent services and money for hiring employees to manage them gets saved.

Highly Targeted: Imagine there is just one platform that intents just to rank you. This means that a web host that offers every type of service, they have an intention of making you more visible. Therefore, these services are targeted and include decreasing number of HTTP requests, minimizing the load time, developing ideal CSS, and so on.

Minimizes Overall Costs: You can share the server. In case you select shared hosting, you share the costs too. This means you are cutting costs. Also, if you opt for an independent server, you will need to hire technical staff to maintain it but web hosts offer these services within their package. At the end of the day, you don’t need to hire these services. Overall, it will reduce your costs.

Data Backup: In case your server crashes, it would be a disaster. When your website is hosted, you don’t lose your data for which you have worked. Therefore, it is more reliable instead of a personal system.

After going through the web hosting benefits, let’s now check what MilesWeb’s unlimited web hosting has for you.

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MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting

Powering more than 16000 websites worldwide, MilesWeb is a recognized brand name in the web hosting industry. They offer quality web hosting service by offering incredible customer service and tech experts, numerous resources for completing the website requirements, and security and uptime guarantee.

MilesWeb comprises of a strong set of shared, cloud, WordPress, reseller, cPanel reseller hosting, dedicated and VPS hosting plans for every sized business.

Plans and Pricing

Features of Unlimited Web Hosting

Register Your Free Domain: You can register your domain name for free with MilesWeb which saves your time as well as money.

Free Website Migration: You can anytime move your website to MilesWeb as they offer you free migration with data security.

Free SSL Certificate: Security is the main concern of online businesses today and so, MilesWeb offers you free SSL certificate installed on your website.

Free Site Builder: You can design your own website for free with the website builder tool. No technical knowledge is required, just drag and drop the elements in the selected theme and make your website live.

SSD Storage: SSD storage boosts your website performance at a faster rate.

Secure Email Accounts: The offer support for IMAP/POP3 email accounts and you can access your emails from anywhere with webmail.

cPanel Control Panel: It becomes easy to manage your website with cPanel. You can create FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, etc.

1-Click Installer: You don’t need to wait long to install apps on your hosting account. Softaculous requires just one-click to install applications.

Instant Account Setup: They setup your account instantly after your payment is verified.

Latest PHP & MySQL: You get updated versions of PHP and MySQL with their unlimited web hosting plans.

Datacenter Choice: You can select your preferred datacenter location at MilesWeb from several locations such as UK, USA, India, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Malware Scan and Removal: Websites are highly vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, MilesWeb offers Malware scan and removal tool that scan for viruses as well as removes, if any detected.

Bottom Line

There are very few web hosts that actually offer you unlimited web hosting. You can see that MilesWeb truly offers you unlimited hosting because you get several unlimited features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases. So why think about some other option? Switch to MilesWeb and grow your business without limitations.

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