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How To Write Content That Rocks

How To Write Content

If you want to stand out in a sea of competitors, you or someone you hire must write content that rocks. Such content is not merely interesting and informative, rather it is linkable, citable or otherwise shared. In other words, it is content that goes viral. Here’s how to write content that rocks.

  1. Tell a story. People like to read stories, especially well told stories. It isn’t so much the topic at hand that matters, but the way that the topic is told. Speak directly to your readers in an interesting and informative way. Don’t embellish, but do look for nuggets that can stand out, even surprise your readers.
  2. Be emotive. Stories that are told with no feeling get no readers. Well, fewer readers at the very least. Your content can be emotionally packed in a bid to elicit a response from your readers. A positive story may be better received than a negative story, especially as the latter seems to pepper the Internet these days.
  3. Choose your words wisely. There are times when a long-form article of 2,500 words or more is right. But most articles should be pointed and make good use of every word. Word economy means that you can say in 600 words that could easily have been said in 1,000 words. This doesn’t mean you are leaving out essential information, but that extraneous details have no place in your articles. People’s attention spans are short, so write something that can be read and digested inside of five minutes.
  4. Make pictures. Including a photo with your articles is important, but it is the visual or pictorial words you use that convey much more. Tell your stories so that your readers can imagine being present when they’re told. They should be able to imagine your narrative in their minds just as easily as you wrote each word.
  5. Publish with frequency. The more you publish, the better for your SEO efforts. It isn’t just quality that matters, but quantity. And if you are aiming for responses based on your work, then going from two to three articles per week to two to three articles per day will make a big difference for you.
  6. Become a student of your statistics. Not everything you write will have the intended effect. You won’t know this unless you become a student of your statistics. So, make use of Google Analytics or some other tool to find out how, where and whey people read your stuff. Then, make your adjustments accordingly.
  7. Be collegial. Your best writing efforts reflect your skills or the skills of the person you hire. You want to protect what you write, but you shouldn’t be entirely insular. This means reaching out to people in your community, sharing information, interviewing your contacts, linking to their sites or otherwise cooperating with them. Those sites where people share your values will ultimately help your work go viral.
  8. Work on your headlines. You may have heard, it is true that magnetic headlines will pull people in. At the same time you need an introductory paragraph that rocks and a strong takeaway that will give people something to chew on advises the best SEO companies. Work on these essentials and you will never lack in readers or customers.

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Getting it Right

Likely, you will need to do a lot of tweaking and examination before you get your content to rock or at least shine in the way that you want. Your readers can offer valuable insight, so listen to what they have to say. You can also solicit input from your colleagues as well as from your SEO company for the best direction to take.

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