Practical Advantages and Considerations When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Phone


Smartphones do not have to be new to be useful. You can get a quality pre-owned phone with most of the critical functions and more for less if you know what and where to look for.

The practical among us typically scoff at the break-neck speeds that new phones today are released. Whether you’re burned out by the frivolity of the hype machine and want a practical phone without the bells and whistles, or just need a phone that meets your needs and your budget, the aftermarket is there to satisfy these needs.

However, buying a pre-owned phone comes with its own disadvantages, especially if you don’t know where to look. Reputable dealers in used phones provide West Valley City residents with the option to select older but still functional models that accomplish everything they need from a regular phone and more.

Risks vs. Rewards

One of the chief advantages of buying a pre-owned phone is the fact that it is cheaper than new phones. Often, even older models that are bought new can still command higher prices than their similar counterparts in the after-market, but new and pre-owned models can cost less. You may strike it lucky with a relatively new phone whose price depreciated significantly simply because it was used.

The savings make even more sense if you don’t happen to have any use for the bells and whistles of the newest phone models, many of which are cosmetic or inconsequential and do not add any significant functionality to justify their price. Indeed, with the growing similarity of all but the most high-end smartphones in the market, even an older model may still have much of the same functionality as its newer counterparts without the hefty price tag.

Like all used items, pre-owned phones have a few disadvantages. They are no longer under warranty and cannot be covered in the event of a factory defect. Used phones may not be in the best condition, which means your risk acquiring a phone with less than stellar battery life, incomplete set of peripherals, and other technical issues if you buy them from a less than a trustworthy place. Thus, you should always acquire a pre-owned phone from a reputable seller, who would often have a selection of refurbished phones available for your needs if the phone you are looking for is of an older model.

Refurbished vs. Certified Pre-Owned

To minimize the major risks of purchasing a pre-owned phone, always buy phones that are less than two years old. Most phone developers eventually stop supporting older models, which can lead to vulnerabilities further down the line. Select the type of phone whose parts such as batteries are still common in the market; this way, repairs and part replacements will still be cost-effective down the line.

Two types of used phones are available in the market. Both have their key benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when making a purchase. Refurbished phones are, as their name suggests, phones that have undergone repairs before entering resale. These would include brand new parts such as batteries.

A certified pre-owned phone, meanwhile, is a phone that’s been sold by its previous owner and is available for sale as-is. These phones were tested to see if they functioned and did not receive any modifications at all. Although the quality of these phones can vary, most of them are of an acceptable condition when the model is still relatively new; the battery life of newer pre-owned phones is usually comparable to brand new ones since they were not used for very long. For other older models, it’s generally preferable to purchase pre-owned phones that have been refurbished.

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