The Best Way to Take Your Lifestyle out into the World

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The idea of travel can be an amazing thing. Most of us love to dream about some distant time when we can just let ourselves free from the shackles of our life. We might fantasize about telecommuting instead of living in an office. Of just grabbing a laptop and phone instead of dealing with the vast array of electronics at home. Of just living our lives out in the world.

But most of us give up on the idea. And worse, we tend to do it fairly quickly. We seldom really stop to think about what we’d need to do in order to make that dream a reality. But here’s something that might surprise people. It’s actually more feasible than most would assume. Work is obviously going to be the more difficult part of the equation. But it’s often possible to find jobs that will allow for some measure of telecommuting.

And here’s the next surprise. A lot of what’s involved in telecommuting has to do with your computer network at home. The main reason is that you can’t really depend on a mobile connection for rapid response or large file downloads. But you can depend on a tethered mobile connection to link you up with your network at home. And your network at home should be able to provide you with the fast and reliable service you need.

The first thing you’ll want to look into is fully reliable local service. This really defines the style of your lifestyle. Basically, the performance and style of your ISP will help you create your own style out in the world. So if you live in Chelan County WA than you’d want to look into a home internet service provider Chelan County WA style.

From there you’ll want to set up some basic services. There’s a fairly large amount of automated download systems which provide web interfaces. This is going to be a huge help when working remotely. It means that you don’t have to download large files on your unreliable mobile connections. Instead you can use your reliable home connection to download files. You can just send the URL for a download from your mobile connection to your home server.

This can be done even more easily by use of an ARM based SBC. You can set up a download manager, cloud based file server and even remote media server with just a few clicks. From there it’s just a matter of connecting it through a higher quality CAT networking cable to your home internet connection. Make sure that port forwarding is set up for all the services you need.

And from there you’re ready to make the dream a reality. All you’ll really need to access your work, files and even TV or movies is a mobile internet connection. And, of course, a reliable home internet connection. But provided that all works correctly you’ll now be able to work and rest in comfort almost anywhere in the world. All thanks to a reliable internet connection at home that you can depend on when abroad.

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