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Which is better for gaming? Desktop or Laptop?

Desktop or Laptop

You know when a first-generation computer was first invented and it took up an entire room and when hard drives looked like huge washing machines? Well, who would have guessed that almost a century away, we would have computers who will be thousand times more powerful than the previous ones and their portability will leave you astonished as you can now hold these minicomputers in your hands and put it in your pockets?

Gaming personal computers have been around for many and many years, and even today, most gamers still opt for PCs, but the latest innovation in CPU and GPU technology have almost closed this gap. So, gaming laptops have surely appeared to be the worthwhile choice for gamers that greatly provides with all the requirements that a hardcore gamer need in order to cherish a high-end gaming experience.

Certainly, computers are getting more powerful and increasingly lighter by time, as gone are the days when a powerful gaming laptop had to be a back-breaker. Usually, the powerful ones are not much heavier than some of the sleek Ultra books out there in the market. Now, the question about performance can raise here. If you want to learn more about desktop systems, laptops, and other technologies, visit this website for useful information.

Despite of the fact that personal computers have been around for many years and mostly the gamers are familiar with the thrill of playing their preferred games on a large screen display with super resolution quality graphics kept on a customized gaming desk, they are now eager to know and wonder if gaming laptops are worthy enough to be called a better option to do gaming on. It is not a surprising element as the game tech market is steadily growing in terms of advanced gaming laptop technology with the addition of leading-edge advancements in regards to GPU, display resolutions, high-speed processors, and more.

Back in the time before, PC gamers even used to ridicule the idea of gaming laptops, saying that how is it possible to fit this much power in a small device. And in case, if it is possible, it definitely got to be heavy and noisy. Well, no, that is not the case since, gaming laptop segment is advancing much and that too rapidly. Like HP keeps on bringing innovation to the gaming tech section with its Omen gaming laptop every now and then.

So, though desktop monitors continue to be the utmost choice for many personal computer gamers, yet at times you just need something more portable and here is where gaming laptops come into the picture. Gaming laptop is the device which you can use on the go, while it has the power to play games and offers great portability.

Hence, here it arises the question, if laptops as a desktop replacement is living up to its name?

If you wish to make a best choice and want to know how a gaming desktop and gaming laptop comes in a contrast with regards to their specifications, you can visit where you can find all the informations about different types of laptops. So let’s have a brief specifications comparison between these two and let’s determine which performs well. But when you have to buy a gaming desktop or laptop, you do not look at specifications only but you look at the computer as a whole including but not limited to the keyboard, display and its cost price.

Mentioned below is the overall comparison of specifications to help you make the best decision of buying a cheap gaming laptop that best suits your requirements;

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It is simple physics that we can cram more power into larger components. However, with time gaming laptop’s GPU’s are narrowing the gap and it is going on with every passing generation of mobile GPUs. Nvidia’s Fermi based 480M GPU only offered the 40 percent of the performance, and after that Nvidia lessened the gap to 60 percent with its Kepler-based 680M. Furthermore, its current GTX 1080 offers the performance of 80-85 percent.

As GPU is always the first thing, when we talk about getting a gaming system, but understand the difference that apart from fitting the i9 CPU in a laptop is not hard, but fitting a GPU is a different story. That is because the GPU card are adequately large to fit hem in a desktop is quite easy but in laptop, it is quite challenging. So, while seeing for GPU, size, weight, temperature and performance are the factors which should be kept in mind. And by now you must have known that there is no comparison among a desktop and a laptop’s performance. However, this case is not hopeless, as external GPUs are an absolutely great way enhance the performance of your gaming laptop further if your CPU has the capacity.


As to look out for GPU is important, similarly opting for a good CPU is also important enough along with the RAM and storage space. According to your requirement or your budget range, you can either opt for powerful i7 or even i9. Also, there are laptops that too come with desktop CPUs. Yet, mostly for gaming effective GPU matters the most than a CPU, so you can eve get a core i5 but a good GPU and it’s all right.


Gaming for sure is RAM effected and on average for gaming, you must have to have 8GB at least. Usually GTX 1050 often comes with 8GB of RAM and if you get higher like GTX 1060 then it comes available with 16GB of RAM. But, in case, if at first you cannot get 8GB of RAM, you can always upgrade it later. That means memory is upgradable and while buying you do not have to consider it as a final thing.


These days high end gaming laptops offer quite a good volume power and to your surprise, some also provide you with a 2.1 bass speaker and you do not even have to spend separately a high cost for it. That’s a really good factor for gaming laptops but sound works both ways. Like, some laptop run somewhat silent under load like fan noise or something else, yet some are quite powerful to sound loud under load too. You will just have to check yourself before purchasing.


Though we may love our mechanical keyboard which we have been using with our desktops, but even if you think so that laptop hardly get the job done, you know it is free of cost, right? And well, that’s something. Apart from this if you need, you can even attach a mechanical keyboard to it too. So, if you are buying a gaming laptop, then for its keyboard, just check its actuation, meaning that how much force you have to apply to press down a key. Generally, it is between 65 to 70g and that’s enough. Moreover, some gaming laptop’s keyboards also provide with backlighting of red or white, while the best laptops also have RGB backlighting. And some even give you the freedom to customize the backlighting according to the game you are playing. Cool, right?


Yes, desktops may have that excessive power and framework, yet it is really hard to beat the gaming laptops in terms of portability. Even if you can get a powerful desktop in a mini ITX form, still it is big in size and heavy than the bulkiest laptop out there. Also, if you have to move it around, then lug around the monitor, mouse, cables and keyboard separately is quite a nuisance.

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