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The PDF format of the documents is the most widely used for official purposes. It is also broadly in use for marketing firms and business platforms. PDF forms are created so that the user may be able to only access the part of the file the creator wants them to manipulate or ingress. The remaining content cannot be edited like the standard PDF files. BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms are the best forms used for user interaction and to acquire customer information.

Types of PDFs

PDF forms are available in two types. Interactive and non-interactive. BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms are part of the interactive PDF files. These are the files that allow on-spot customer association. On the contrary, non-interactive PDF files are not fillable and cannot be edited. These files must be converted into other formats to be filled. Printing and hand filling the required information in the form are also done to respond to a non-interactive PDF form.

Why are non-interactive forms out of the league?

These files are troublesome and require a lot of effort to be filled. People, nowadays are not used to putting in this much effort and hence they prefer the interactive PDF forms or they choose to abandon the form. Creating a non-interactive form is easy. You can type in all the information you want your customer to fill in any other editable format. And you can then convert the file into the PDF format.

The problem of creating non-interactive PDF forms is faced by both the creator and the customer. You cannot automatically analyze or sort the data gained from the responded forms and you have to do it on your own. The customers, on the other hand, find it quite hard to fill in such forms and hence such formats are not preferred.

Interactive PDF forms

Although, not editable, these forms allow the customer to provide a certain input. This is the biggest benefit of BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms. The creator chooses how much data they want from the customer and locks the remaining content. They are user-friendly. A person does not have to convert them or print them to fill them out and that makes it a lot interesting and quicker.

As friendly as they are, they generate higher conversion rates. People tend to respond to forms that have single-out options, added toggles for guidance, and are apothegmatic. BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms also allow automated workflow that saves time and effort. One distinct quality of these forms is real-time data capture. As soon as a response is submitted, it is analyzed and sorted.

The recorded response is mailed to the email address that is linked with the form. You can also view and download individual responses, thanks to BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms’ cloud integration feature. Online forms that are in the form of interactive PDFs give rise to the paperless official culture and are cost-effective.

PDF form filling

PDF forms are not filled as the other forms. These forms are difficult to create as compared to the standard forms but BigCommerce PDF Filling Forms have made it easy as a pie. Due to its noteworthy features and drag-drop option, the forms are created effortlessly. To fill a PDF form, you need to open it. Click the field and enter your input. This action does not mean that you are editing the document, you are simply allowed to type in that field. Once you are done, you press the tab key and the input is accepted. Pressing tab again or clicking in the next field allows you to answer the next question.

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